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The skew or shape of the distribution can give valuable insights at a glance. The Barcode plot is very effective at showcasing the distribution across categories.  The chart below has been built using Vitaracharts for Microstrategy.

Credit: Vitara Charts For this Viz


Object requirements: 

  • Attributes 2 (minimum)
  • Metrics 1 (minimum)

Minimum MicroStrategy version 10.4

Chart Version: 4.4

MicroStrategy Features

  • Fully customizable with editors in Visual Insight (VI) or Web Report Services Documents (DHTML widgets) for appearance
  • Compatible with Microstrategy MicroStrategy Desktop, Web, Library  and Mobile

Vitaracharts is now FREE for Desktop and Workstation. 

Please contact [email protected] to get a 30-day trial key.

Take note that this visual is a part of the VitaraCharts library.

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Publisher: Vitara
Vitara offers a fully supported, production-ready charts plugin VitaraCharts with 30 stunning visualizations to enhance  MicroStrategy analytics. All custom visualizations are customizable and supported through upgrades. For more details please contact [email protected] or


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Thanks to Vitara charts for providing new viz for business users!

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