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Lets get still more basic about the BI architecture and its involved components in it. How MicroStrategy plays etc in it.

A BI Architecture has the following components,

Source System ( Raw Data ) –> ETL –> DWH ( DMart ) –> BI Platform ( MicroStrategy )

Source System:

    The source system could be an OLTP ( Online Transactional Processing ) system or other systems or files that capture or holds the data. The key point of BI is to provide the end users an analysis from the data/information that we have.


    Extract –> Extract the raw data from source to a staging area. Cleanse/Profile the data.
    Transform –> Transform the data ( if any transformation/calculation to be done )
    Load –> Load the data into the DWH or Datamarts


    Typically an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) system where we do analysis with the data that we have. Making use of the data that we have ( in short )

BI Platform:

     BI platform could be of any tool ( MicroStrategy / Actuate / Qlikview / Business Objects / Crystal Reports ). But MicroStrategy being a leader in market for several years & they spend lots of money on Mobile based solutions ( iPad / iPhone / Androind / Blackberry / Etc ) which is far far better than any of the tool that they offer. Quite flashy and appealing to the end users is what i would say than the other BI tools.

This is how the Business Intelligence Architecture is all about. Hope it helps!!

Have a Good Day!!

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