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Dear Guys,
Gartner report on BI products customer rating across various areas of interests w.r.t. client needs day to day usages:
Key points to note: (Gartner Report Link)
Ø  MicroStrategy is placed as one of the “Large Independents
Ø  Lot of parameters were taken into considerations to derive at these analysis by Gartner such as :
o   Quality and Support
o   End User ease/flexibility
o   Skills availability/Training/User Community/etc..
o   Revenue Growth for Business needs
o   Customer Experience vs Sales Experience
o   Complexity of Analysis
o   Etc..

ð  Key aspects – end customers are looking at Ease of use Vs Complexity of Analysis for business benefitsè is bigger sized bubbles (Large independents – MicroStrategy /Megavendors – Cognos /Data Discovery leaders – Tableau / Open Source – BIRT or Pentaho or Jaspersoft) plays out in market major

ð  Enterprise Standardization

ð  Ease of use Vs Revenue Growth for business benefits

ð  Customer Experience Vs Sales Experience & View of Vendor’s future

ð  Support Quality (Out of 46 products rated – 3 products SAP BO, Board and Jedox were ranked below average for quality and support – hope they improve sooner the later!)

ð  BI Success Score vs Customer view (Don’t assume who are on TOP are good J– they are good in terms of existing product but not with their future terms – Hope they derive their path or roadmap by looking at these reports)

ð  SAS is going down – in terms of discontinue use of BI product they offer per Gartner analysis (Hope they come up!)
Have a Happy Reading!
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