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As most of the LIVE environments running for bigger scale of business with MicroStrategy will primarily architecture their system with CLUSTERED Architecture (Multiple IServer or Multiple Web Server with load balancer implemented etc..;) so, in such an environment if the EVENT or TIME BASED trigger does not work — then its an massive flaw from the key feature to be enabled for end users accessing MSTR application. So, the below steps or information will help you to resolve that issue .. Happy Reading!
A high percentage of reports fail when using event-based or time-based schedules in a clustered MicroStrategy 9.x environment. No errors are reported in the DSSErrors.log file during this time.
One potential cause for this issue is a threading race condition caused by using the multi-threaded option on database connections object:
Contact MicroStrategy Technical Support for an update on the status of this issue.
Switch all database connections to use multi-process rather than multi-threaded mode:
Reference: MSTR KB Site
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