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It was pleasure to share about my current trip to US. The final place of destination to work had come in 25 years 🙂 & Lot more to explore and enhance the knowledge and business in the organization that I work always.

Looking for lot more engagements and new work style/role altogether in USA (New Jersey ~ as initial start).

Apart from this, I’ve been thinking a lot to design or share some new thoughts that keep running in mind for several months or years with you all here.

      1) Waiting for MicroStrategy to go with HTML 5 technology for Dashboards Widgets

      2) One of the key success that MicroStrategy out-perform other technology is WIDGET concept with innovation. Like HEAT MAP/Micro Chart / Bubble Chart / Data Cloud ~ which have been bench marked by other BI tools in the coming years. So, as next step ~ it will be best to move towards or adding new widgets like “LIGHT INDICATORS”

    3) Also something like “Google Maps” currently requires purchase of key from Google. Can MicroStrategy come with the own Maps to enhance BI reporting and adher the costing to their licensing stuffs. This will avoid and would bring easier setup of MAPS to BI Reporting and analyze data quickly and make a better decision out of it.

    4) Reduce the development of Web/Mobile/Android/iPad/iPhone dashboard or document efforts and bring it as single development framework and adjust according to the screen size. I agree that, there are recommendations to it defined but this would open up customers to go for it ~ if its one time effort in development and deploy to any devices.

     5) Interactivity between widgets to be still more advanced with innovations ~ such as “Currently we have WIDGET interactivity by giving targets” , can we replace that with ~ “DUAL WIDGETS” or “COMBINED WIDGETS” pre-defined and make use of it with interactivity working user friendly. It will be kind of DYNAMIC Dashboarding to be more advanced and make user easy to work with.

All the above points are from my own interest and thought process that i had in my mind. I am sure, MicroStrategy will or would bring an innovative ideas together and deliver their high quality product as always. Awaiting to see those changes in the coming release.

Feel free to share your idea’s as well. So that, it will help in bringing out an good user friendly product for the customers/end users finally.

Cheers and Have a Good Day!

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