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Google Map introduces multiple new themes in MicroStrategy Web 9.4.0.

It was quite interesting to see some few good updates as part of MicroStrategy 9.4 release (Majorly, some updated to google maps & Not more than that much as part of this release with usual bug fixes)
There are several new themes available in MicroStrategy 9.4.0, which grant the user several aesthetic choices beyond the traditional Google Maps Map, Satellite, and Terrain themes already integrated prior to 9.4.0. The user can choose the theme in the following ways:
  1. In express or interactive mode.
  2. Choose the theme from the drop down menu in the top right hand corner of the map as pictured below:

  3. In addition, the user can navigate to the Map widget properties (RMC on grid in design mode > Properties and Formatting > Widget > Widget Properties) and choose the theme from the drop down menu as pictured below:

Here is how the different themes look like:
  1. . 
New zoom function introduced for Google Map in MicroStrategy Web 9.4.0.

Users can now zoom on a designated area in Google Maps in MicroStrategy 9.4.0. The Zoom Tool can be accessed through the menu button on the map in DHTML mode:
The user then can select a desired area:
Notice the applied zoom view:
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