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Below information helps for automating the next process after the publish of intelligent cubes. 
Scenario considered:
  1. Publish Intelligent Cubes
  2. Trigger Reports upon above action success
We can customize below snippet by having Procedure based approach as well with WHILE loop or IF conditions applied to perform necessary action…

About Command Manager

As i’ve explained earlier, Command Manager helps to automate the object creations using the SCRIPTS/Procedures… 

For more examples about command manager — take a look at below location of MSTR Installed machine… 
  • C:Program Files (x86)MicroStrategyCommand ManagerOutlines
  • C:Program Files (x86)MicroStrategyCommand ManagerOutlinesProcedure_Outlines

Solution Approach for above Scenario
MicroStrategy Command Manager can be used to update, or publish an Intelligent Cube because Command Manager executes scripts asynchronously, so that other actions (such as editing or connecting) can be carried out while a script executes. However, a given Script window can execute only one script at a time. To execute multiple scripts simultaneously, you must open them in separate Script windows.
Below is an example of code that can be used to execute the event “Run Reports” after Intelligent Cube “Year Revenue Cube” haspublished.
PUBLISH INTELLIGENT CUBE “Year Revenue Cube” IN FOLDER “profilesAdministratorMy Reports” FOR PROJECT “MicroStrategy Tutorial”; 
TRIGGER EVENT “Run Reports”;
Reference: MSTR Site
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