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One of the useful tech notes to hide the metrics in the bar graph when needed 
  1. Add 3 or 4 metrics on bar chart – but hide them from display at times 
  2. Apply threshold based on the attributes created as metric = will need to be hidden in behind the scenes

By default, all the metrics in grid view will also be showed in graph view. But sometimes users want to hide some of the metrics in graphview. This technote explains the steps that need to be followed to control this behavior.
How to hide metrics in graph view:
Follow the next steps in MicroStrategy Tutorial:
  1. Create a report with ‘Year’ attribute in row and ‘Revenue’, ‘Gross Revenue’ metrics in column. Notice that when executing it in both grid and graph views (Vertical Bar: Clustered), both the ‘Revenue’ and ‘Gross Revenue’ metrics in the report are displayed by default.
  2. To change this behavior, switch the report to graph view and right-click the ‘Revenue’ metric, for example, which requires to be hidden, then select ‘Format Bar Riser…’ menu, as shown below:
  4. Change the ‘Revenue’ series display type to ‘Line’ instead of ‘Default for Chart Type’ and uncheck ‘Show Markers on Line’, as shown below:
  5. Select ‘Data Line’ followed by ‘Revenue’ series, change the ‘Transparency’ to ‘100’, as shown below:
  6. After apply all the changes made, the ‘Revenue’ metric in graph view is hidden but it still exist in grid view, as shown below:
Now in grid view all the metrics are displayed but in graph view only ‘Gross Revenue’ metric is displayed.
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