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I found that, the below tech note information will be useful for folks who use MSTR 9.x in 2016 and see that no data is returned upon execution of EM Reports – then run the query  mentioned in below tech note and extend the date information beyond 2015. Please ensure, you take necessary backups before making any changes to the database. Thanks & Happy Reading!
The following technical document provides the scripts to extend the partitions on the Statistics tables and Enterprise Manager Warehouse fact tables, and also extend the MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager Warehouse Date Dimension tables in version 9.x beyond year 2015. 
In MicroStrategy 9.x, the Enterprise Manager Warehouse database contains data only until year 2015 (December 31, 2015) for the following Date Dimension tables:
  • DT_DAY
Also, the partitions on all the Statistics tables and Enterprise Manager Warehouse tables only exist till the end of year 2015. 
Starting with MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager 10, the Enterprise Manager Warehouse date data has been extended until the year 2020.
If it is required to extend the dates and partitions on a pre-10 environment, the the following scripts can be used on a MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager Warehouse version 9.x.
The following files have been attached to the end of this document:
– EM_WH_Date_Ext_SQL_Server
– EM_WH_Date_Ext_Oracle
– EM_WH_Partition_Ext_Oracle
– EM_WH_Date_Ext_Teradata
– EM_WH_Date_Ext_DB2
– EM_WH_Partition_Ext_DB2
Users should select the script based on their Enterprise Manager Warehouse database type and partitioning requirements.
The script for extending Teradata partitions can be found in the following MicroStrategy Knowledge Base Technical Document:
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