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Today i would like to discuss about the keyboard shortcuts that can be used for ease of use or quick access to some functionality than navigating by multiple clicks on the software/product

I’m sure, keyboard usage users would love these tips


Grid Resize

  • i feel this is key to know as a developer or might come across quite frequently
DescriptionWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Smaller Cell SizeCtrl + BCommand + B
Bigger Cell SizeCtrl + Shift + BCommand + Shift + B
Make rows narrowerCtrl + Left ArrowControl + Command + Left Arrow
Make rows widerCtrl + right arrowControl + Command + right arrow
Make Columns shorterCtrl + down arrowControl + Command + down arrow
Make Columns tallerCtrl + up arrowControl + Command + up arrow

Other Tips

  • Some of the other shortcuts that i feel would be helpful while working with Tableau Desktop
DescriptionWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
New Workbook Ctrl + NCommand + N
New Worksheet Ctrl + MCommand + T
Switch in & Out of Presentation Mode F7, Ctrl + HOption + Return
Connect to data sourceCtrl + DCommand + D
Refresh data sourceCtrl + FCommand + F
Swap Rows and columnsCtrl + WControl + Command + W

More shortcuts can be found in below Tableau site link


For Free-form & Auto Layout

DescriptionWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Multi Select Containers on the canvas or in layers panelShift + Click Shift + click
Move Selected ContainersArrow keysArrow keys
Disable smart snap guidesCtrl + dragCommand + drag
Delete the selected container on the canvasDeleteDelete
Credit: MicroStrategy for detailing this process in video

MicroStrategy Developer

Windows ShortcutsDescriptions
Ctrl + UUpdate Schema
Upon Right click + N + BNew Attribute
Upon Right Click + N + ANew Fact
Upon Right click + N + MNew Metric
Upon Right click + N + RNew Report
Upon Right Click + N + INew Filter
Upon Right Click + N + PNew Prompt
Upon Right click + N + ENew Document
Within Report/Grid editor (F11)Show/Hide Grand Total
Within Report/Grid editor (F12)Show/Hide Thresholds
Right click Developer white space after connecting to project (either within public or schema objects folders)

Power BI

Frequently used shortcuts

DescriptionKeyboard Shortcuts
Move focus between sectionCtrl + F6
Move focus forward in sectionTab
Move focus backward in sectionShift + Tab
Select or clear selection of an objectEnter or spacebar
Multi-select objectsCtrl + spacebar

On Visual

DescriptionsKeyboard Shortcuts
Show dataAlt + Shift + F11
Show or hide tooltipCtrl + H
Clear SelectionCtrl + Shift + C

Additional Tips for DAX

Guy In A Cube is an great team sharing tons of beautiful Power BI videos that will make you wonder how easy the tool is.. I love their videos very much & Do take time to watch the below video – lot of cool tricks exists within Power BI 🙂

You may wonder why these shortcut exists – if you’re really an coder will know the beauty of these cool tips

  • Comment a line of code or multiple lines of code
  • Un-comment a line of code
  • indentation for spacing to be followed
  • Copy line of code
  • Access start & end of the function you’re working upon
  • Easily updating multiple lines of text (Find & Replace feeling)
  • Increase + Decrease of font size
Credit : Guy in a Cube (Love his videos 🙂 – Do Subscribe if you’re learning Power BI

Easy to view all of them on Power BI Desktop is Shift Key + ?

You will get all Keyboard shortcuts within Power BI


Qlik has tons of shortcuts as well & will post the reference link below for each access

Credit: Qlik for above image – Script specific shortcuts

Hope this post helped the developers or business analysts to work with the tool easily and seamlessly! Enjoy Reading!!

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