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This post credit goes fully to “MicroStrategy” for maintaining this in their knowledge repository by testing it internally or identified by other customers working with MicroStrategy with Office 2020 & I’m sharing it for my bloggers here to view them – If i come across anything else new as part of Office 2020 – will definitely append to this. Thanks!

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These are the current limitations of MicroStrategy for Office 2020 Update 1:

  • Importing data from visualizations with compound grids is not supported.
Credit: MicroStrategy Education Team

If above feature is used within Dossier in the Visualization, then that won’t be supported for Office 2020

  • Importing visualizations targeted by attribute or metric selectors is not supported. 
Credit : MicroStrategy Education Team

If above feature is used within Dossier, then won’t work within Office 2020

  • Importing multi-table cubes is not supported.


If users utilize data import with multi table approach in designing the dossier – then that wouldn’t work within Office 2020

  • Not all report formatting may be imported from MicroStrategy.
    • Formatting imported from MicroStrategy
      • Number of digits after a decimal
      • The thousands separator
      • Currency symbols
      • Percent notation and symbol
      • Dates, time, fractions, etc.
      • Negative notation type (minus, parentheses, red color, and their combinations)
    • Formatting not imported from MicroStrategy
      • The symbol used as a decimal separator (comma or a period): this is controlled by your operating system’s date, time, and region settings
      • Conditional formatting
      • Alignment
      • Font
      • Color
      • Lines
      • AutoStyles
      • Banding

My view here, typically key formatting applied on dossier or viz may or may not function within Office 2020 properly

  • Refreshing or editing will cause columns added inside imported tables in Excel to be lost.
  • Refreshing tables in Excel will keep any custom formatting applied to the data, unless the number of columns in the original has changed.
  • Importing reports with page-by filters result in only the first page being placed in Excel. 
  • Hyperlinks in dossier and reports are imported as text strings in Excel.

Ref: KB Article

I am positive that, MicroStrategy would address these issues every quarterly basis(as mentioned in KB article too).

So stay positive!!! Enjoy Reading!

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