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Folks – came to know that MicroStrategy has released 9.5.0 on Jan, 23 2015.

Key things to note are below :

  • MicroStrategy 9.5 (9s) integrates the MicroStrategy Analytics Platform with MicroStrategy Usher. MicroStrategy Usher is a mobile identity platform for enterprise security. 
  • Usher enables users to electronically validate their identity using the Usher app and mobile badge on their smartphone, instead of entering a password, displaying a physical ID card, or using a physical key.
  • MicroStrategy 9.5 supports Usher as a primary authentication method for logging into a project through MicroStrategy Mobile and MicroStrategy Web. 
  • Using QR code generation in MicroStrategy, users can scan the code with Usher on their smartphones and gain access to the MicroStrategy project.
  • Usher is also supported for two-factor authentication in Web.
  • MicroStrategy 9.5 also provides support for biometric security, location-based access restrictions, and time-based access restrictions.
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