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MicroStrategy has announced recently with the release of 9.3.1 version.

It includes delivery of below key things with this release,

            – Effortless self services analytics with the power of an enterprise grade BI platform
            – Delivers enhanced Visual Data Discovery ( Visual Insight is made much more interactive )
            – New innovations in advanced big data analytics
            – Powerful Mobile App Upgrades
            – More expansive advanced & predictive analytics

The major advancement would be on Visual Insight & new user interface enhancements 🙂  Even i’m eager to work on 9.3.1 to see how it is to play around with. Since, i faced some memory problems quite often in 9.3 and they had fixed those performance issues in 9.3HF2, but rather than going for 9.3HF1/2/3 –> the end users can directly upgrade their servers to 9.3.1 which is quite cool :):)

Webcast to watch

Predictive Analytics –> Integrate Advanced and Predictive Analytics with Visual Data Discovery

Intuitive & Inexpensive command centre–>The Most Inexpensive Command Centre Ever Built

To know more about 9.3.1, Please use this to access them :

–> 9.3.1 Overview 
–> 9.3.1 Features added up with 9.3

Hope it helps everyone to know about the latest update on MicroStrategy release!!

Have a Good Day!!

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