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MicroStrategy Health Center can help you prevent, diagnose, and fix problems in your MicroStrategy system. It detects known problems and provides an immediate solution to many of them. Health Center can email a system administrator if it encounters a problem with the system. In cases where Health Center cannot fix a problem immediately, it enables you to bundle relevant system information, such as log files, into a diagnostic package and transmit the package to MicroStrategy Technical Support for review and troubleshooting.

You must have administrative privileges on the Health Center machine to be able to run the Health Center Console or the Configuration Wizard.

One of the main purposes of Health Center is to diagnose any problems with your MicroStrategy system. Health Center does this by performing system checks on the Master Health Agent and on all Health Agents in the Health Center system to identify any problems. In many cases, Health Center also provides you with the ability to fix the problems immediately.

You can execute these system checks manually from the Health Center Console, or you can schedule them to automatically run daily or weekly at a specified time. The Master Health Agent handles the scheduling, and at the appropriate times it triggers the scheduled system checks on all Health Agents in the system.

In the Health Center Console, you can review the MicroStrategy log files to get more information about the possible causes of any errors in your MicroStrategy system. For example, if Intelligence Server returns an Out Of Memory error, you can look in the DSSErrors.log file to see what tasks have used more memory than expected.

All MicroStrategy system components record information about low-level system activity in log files. This information can include system errors, memory usage, starting and stopping services, and so on.

If a problem in the system cannot be resolved by the actions suggested by Health Center, the next step is often to contact MicroStrategy Technical Support. Health Center can collect all the relevant information into a single diagnostics package, which can then be delivered to MicroStrategy Technical Support.

Goto Start –> All Programs –> MicroStrategy –> Tools –> Health Centre Console

Will say about this in the coming sessions –> regarding the GUI wizard & its usage in detail

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