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I will discuss about the few key points and important release with this version,

      – Unmatched user interfaces
      – Highest performance & Scale
      – Easy, Cost Effective Administration ( After System Manager inclusion in 9.3 )
      – The power to unlock your big data assets ( BIG Data/HIVE technology introduction from 9.3)
      – Fast Dashboard Development ( using Visual Insight –> Much improved from earlier versions )

BI Scorecard Ratings:

      –  Highest overall rated platform
      – No areas of weakness ( where as other BI tool has )
      – Superior in Mobile BI
      – Industry Best Architecture
      – Highest rated overall in self service BI

Gartner Ratings :

       – MicroStrategy in Leader Quadrant for 6 consecutive years
       – MicroStrategy ranked #1 in more categories than any other vendor

Forrester Ratings:

     – Ranked as a leader

About MicroStrategy Visual Insights :

      – Its really cool to work with Visual Insights 🙂
      – Stunning visualizations
      – On-Screen Filtering
      – Interactive data exploration & root cause analysis
      – Easy dashboard creation without IT professional support 🙂 ( Provided the end users are well verse with your objects that you have )
     – Multi Source & Multi Visualizations

Web Interface ( Brand New ) :
     – They already made lot of improvement in 9.3 itself interms of UI perspective, but now that still more new look & feel to the end users ( Looks cool!!! )
     – Newly revamped interface
     – Better navigation with control panels in side
     – One Click access to Visual Data discovery
      – Easy to track locations
      – Customize your view
      – Quickly create objects directly from the toolbar
Optimized workflow for Agile :
       – Connect –> Discover –> Dashboard –> Share
   –> You can connect to apps
   –> You can import them & build dashboard in a seconds & share them to colleagues
Web-Based Query Builder:
   – Use Freeform editor in MicroStrategy web itself now 
Sharing :
   – Quickly generate links & share the dashboards or reports to the end users ( Can email link/share them for view )
Metric Creation :
   – The main thing in 9.3.1 was that, they had brought Create Metric option in Web interface itself –> which would pave the way for end users to do adhoc reporting much more deeper & if the objects are well known to them –> then they can playaround with the objects that we have in Metadata…
The same like in Desktop, now we can use Formula editor/Conditionality/ Transformation/Level of aggregation setup in web itself…
New Graphs :
     – Lipstick Graph 🙂 
     – Waterfall Graph
     – Overlapping bar graph are introduced 
Multiple datasets on one map ( Report Services Documents in DHTML mode )
As usual you have all the other additional components that performs their own tasks effectively 🙂
  – MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager –> Monitor Performance & Utilization
  – MicroStrategy Command Manager –> Automate MicroStrategy Tasks
  – MicroStrategy Object Manager      –> Coordinate Change Management
  – MicroStrategy Integrity Manager    –> Automate Regression Testing
Combining all above together with the help of MicroStrategy System Manager –> Create Administrative Workflows
Lot more non MicroStrategy tasks can also be done with the help of it….
Also about BIG Data – Hive technologies as well, there are enhancements with this release…
Hope it helps for the day!!!

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