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Today i thought of sharing the blogs that are being managed by awesome community experts .

Kudos to each one of them who went EXTRA MILE ahead and share their knowledge with others” – You’re awesome!!

Bryan’s Blog

I grew up when i started my career using Bryan’s blog – It may not be to the latest but his posts are always helpful while working on CORE MicroStrategy Enterprise Development

Blog URL :

Few posts that are favorite to me are below:

  1. Create Metrics in BULK
  2. JQuery Usage in Dashboards

Omar’s Blog

Omar Vidare ~ He is one of the recent MicroStrategy Master & i love all his tips/tricks that he has been posting specific to MicroStrategy

Blog URL :

Few post that are favorite to me are below:

  1. Point Dataset to Intelligent Cube
  2. Retain Attribute Format Across the project

MicroStrategy 101 Blog

I know Ashish Tiwari who founded this blog and it has been there for more than 10+ years from my knowledge.

Lot of information for MicroStrategy folks to learn from it and posts from varied BI experts covering day to day challenges within MicroStrategy

Blog URL :

Few post that are my favorite are listed below:

  1. Interview questions and answers
  2. MicroStrategy On CentOS by myself posted on 2013 🙂
  3. Transaction Services simple to learn by Senthil

Samundar’s Blog

I have known Samundar right from my start of my career with MicroStrategy back in 2011. He is very active in MicroStrategy Community and one of the top most contributor. He is an person with full of MicroStrategy knowledge. He was titled as “MicroStrategy Guru” in the old forum.

Blog URL :

Here are my favorite post from his blog:

  1. How to Set Landing Page to an Document specific to user ?
  2. Transformation in MicroStrategy using ApplySimple

Reginold’s Blog

Reginold – I know him i think for about 8+ Years now 🙂 He has always been active on MicroStrategy

Few post that are my favorite are listed below:

  1. His Interview experience both as Interviewer and Interviewee
  2. Thresholds on Attribute

Zahid’s BI Blog

I recently come across Zahid’s blog and it’s really helpful

Blog URL :

My favorite posts on his blogs are below :

  1. Device specific logic in MicroStrategy
  2. Metric selections based on selector value

MyMstr’s Blog

Another great blog to know more about MicroStrategy

Blog URL :

My favorite posts are below:

  1. D3 Visualization on MicroStrategy
  2. Hosting MicroStrategy on Apache Web Server

Micro Analytics’s Blog

I have known Amit and his awesome work on MicroStrategy. You should definitely check his blog.

Blog URL :

Here is my favorite posts from his blog :

  1. Pass Selector values from one dossier to another without prompt and using Custom SDK
  2. Toggle Button in MicroStrategy via Custom Plugin

He has an Youtube Channel as well – definitely check it out.

Krishna Kuyate’s Blog

I recently got into his blog and love the content he has put through that are specific to MicroStrategy. Do check it out!

Blog URL :

Here is my favorite posts from his blog :

  1. Disable Print option on Mobile
  2. MicroStrategy License Manager Audit Report Different Approaches

Spanish Blog

Abel Garcia’s blog has great information on using MicroStrategy tips and tricks written in spanish.

Blog URL :

Here is my favorite posts from his blog:

  1. Left Join
  2. Cache vs Intelligent Cube


Blog URL :

Favorite blog posts are below:

  1. Pass value from one dossier to another
  2. Remove Gradient Effect from Bar

There are several other blogs as well. If you feel something is missed and you love the blog – feel free to comment the link in this post. So it helps others who are in need of it.

Enjoy your day!!

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