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There will be some cases, we would need to call an external applications / URL API to invoke some web page to render / etc. In such cases, as i discussed on last post – you can always go for the concept of HTML Container rather than developing a web page and doing a plugin to insert them inside MicroStrategy.

Sample Example:
   – Need to show Google/Yahoo page inside MicroStrategy
   – Need to call a different web application inside MicroStrategy using URL

External websites or URL API embedded in a dashboard Iframe HTML container do not display in Flash mode in MicroStrategy Web 9.0.0.

In MicroStrategy version 9.0.0 GA, users have the ability to specify web sites to display in an HTML container withiin dashboards.  This feature works in Interactive mode, but the pages do not display in Flash mode(As i said, certain thing will not work inside HTML container on flash mode).
  1. Create a new dashboard, and add an HTML container to the template.
  2. Set the properties to show an Iframe and define the Iframe source to be a web URL, for example

  3. Run the dashboard from MicroStrategy Web in Interactive mode. The web site will open in the HTML container:
  4. Run the dashboard from MicroStrategy Web in Flash mode(As discussed in the last post): the HTML container only displays the Iframe source and does not open the page.

    Note: Same issue can be seen when URL API is specified instead of external websites. For more information about URL API, please refer to:  TN16685: How to execute a report using URL API in MicroStrategy Web and Web Universal 8.x

This is a current limitation of Adobe. Adobe only supports a limited amout of HTML tags for Flash and iFrames is not one of them.
For more information, refer to Adobe’s website:
Using a textbox, create a hyperlink that points to an actual HTML page with the content to be opened in a new window. Or display the document in Interactive mode.
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