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The below information would be helpful for the end users to address if there are any queries related to DATE specific function usage in MicroStrategy

Database Specific Date Functions

The following table contains some of the most common database-specific date functions:
Description SQL Server Oracle DB2 UDB Teradata
Retrieve the database date
current date
Convert a string to a date
cast (‘2001/01/20’ as datetime)
To_Date(‘2002-01-20’, ‘YYYY-MM-DD’)
cast (’01/20/2002′ as date)
cast (‘2001/01/20’ as date)
Get the day from a date
datepart(day, date_id)
to_number(to_char(date_id, ‘DD’))
extract (day from date_id)
Get the month from a date
datepart(month, date_id)
to_number(to_char(date_id, ‘MM’))
extract (month from date_id)
Subtract one month to a date
dateadd(month, -1, date_id)
add_months(date_id, -1)
date_id – 1 months
add_months(date_id, -1)
Subtract one day to a date
dateadd(day, -1, date_id)
date_id -1
date_id – 1 days
cast(date_id as date) – 1
For more information on using these functions in the MicroStrategy’s architecture, refer to the MicroStrategy Product documentation and the following Microstrategy Knowledge Base document:
  • TN3905 (TN5200-7X0-0019): How to use pass-through expression- ApplySimple in MicroStrategy SQL Generation Engine 8.x

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