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Today thought of sharing some of the tips and tricks used on MicroStrategy Dossier that was built together by Rajavel & Myself for CGDV Data Challenge & DossBoss MicroStrategy Challenge.

CGDV Center for Global Data Visualization

What is CGDV and how can you get involved?

The Center for Global Data Visualization (CGDV) is an initiative led by QED Group to build data visualization capacity and strengthen a culture of data use. 

CGDV provides a unique platform for collaboration, offering opportunities for training, networking, publishing and professional development in data analytics and visualization. CGDV aims to mobilize the power of crowdsourcing to offer insights into some of the greatest challenges facing many low- and middle-income countries today.

Contest #1 Details :

Contest #2 Details :

  • CGDV Challenge : We were awarded as honorable mentions with 100$ winning prize..
Video explaining our Dashboard
  • May DossBoss Challenge : We were selected as WINNER along with other contestants

I know, everyone is going through this pandemic on COVID-19 – so CGDV conducted an data analysis contest to help take some decisive actions or share some awareness about this pandemic globally.

Credit: Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Coming to MicroStrategy Dossier – we created story with our dashboard

  • Summary Global COVID-19 Cases/Deaths counts with predictions
  • USA Study of COVID-19
  • USA Health Study
  • New York COVID-19 Study
  • India COVID-19 Study
  • Live Dashboard From John’s Hopkins University
  • WHO Site Embed with useful contents
Global Overview of COVID-19 Cases Explained with Predictions applied
USA COVID-19 Study
USA Health Study
New York COVID-19 Study
India COVID-19 Study
Credit: John’s Hopkins University for this LIVE COVID-19 Dashboard for USA
Credit to various sources in providing right information about COVID-19 for audience to be aware
Credit : WHO for updating site with helpful information for people to be aware of

Features Used:

  • HTML Container – Embed Website
Embed of WHO Site
Embed of John’s Hopkins University Site Live Dashboard
  • Grouping/Layering with Text Boxes
Advantage of Grouping is for better EXPORT results to PDF (TIP)
  • Map Box Visualization – Dark Theme
Dark Theme used
  • Forecasting (Easy Setup with MicroStrategy)
Best Fit Model Used for Forecasting
  • Metric Selector
Cases vs Deaths – easy switch with MicroStrategy Metric Selector

Happy to share these experience together!

Download Dossier from Google Drive

If interested to view COVID-19 Data as of 3rd June, 2020 – check out this PDF

Enjoy Learning!! Stay Safe & Healthy!!

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