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The blog post is talking about the use of “MicroStrategy Freeform Layout” design in MicroStrategy 2020. Thanks to Ram in sharing this design (it was great working as a team of 4 [Ram, Niranjana, Reema & Myself] for our MicroStrategy World 2020 on DossBoss Competition. This is an Winning Dossier for exemplary design and MicroStrategy 2020 features being used.


MicroStrategy Desktop 2020 (or)

MicroStrategy Workstation 2020 (or)

MicroStrategy Web 2020 (enterprise edition)

Vitara Charts (for Advanced Visualizations)

Dashboard was divided into 6 categories as below

Tourist Attractions

Quality of Transport Infrastructure

Industrial & Logistics Propriety Sector

Population Growth By Years, Gender & Age Groups

Quality of Primary Education

Manufacturing & logistics

On top of these, Ram integrated with Survey using “Survey Monkey” into the Dossier (another cool feature to look out for – will share an post on it very soon!!)

Population Analysis By Years vs By Age Groups
Vitara : Tornado Chart
Quality of Education Analysis Across Globe & Where UAE stands in comparisons
Quality of Overall Transport Infrastructure in Comparison with Other Countries
Vitara: Waffle Chart
Dubai 360 Degree View
Vitara: Packed Bubble
World Expo Analysis
Industry & Logistics Property Sector Analysis & Yearly Trend of UAE
Dubai Population Movement via Public Transport or Metro or Flights
Population Study By Cities in UAE
Tip: Geo Map (Geospatial Service Map from MicroStrategy)
Survey Monkey Integration
Reference or Source of Information for this whole Dashboard

Thank you Ram for sharing the knowledge and experience on building this Dossier to the audience!!

Some of the tips overall are below:

  1. Linking between Pages

2. Thresholds based on Rank

Right click the Metric value to apply “Thresholds”

3. Layering with “Freeform” canvas design

4. Embedding “Survey Monkey” based surveys on Dossier

5. Dumbell Based Graph style using “Vitara” charts

6. KPI ring based visualization using “Vitara” charts

7. Waffle Viz using “Vitara” charts

8. Packed Bubble viz using “Vitara” charts

Majority of the viz are by “Vitara” charts which makes the MicroStrategy freeform canvas design to the best in class competing with other BI vendors (such as Power BI or Tableau)

Thanks again Ram for sharing the tips and knowledge sharing here!!

Enjoy Reading!!

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