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How to create a Data Source Name (DSN) to use for a new database connection in MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop 1.x

To create a new system Data Source Name (DSN) to use in a new database connection in Microstrategy Analytics Desktop 1.x, users need to use the Windows ODBC Data Source Administrator available here:
– 64 bit Windows: C:\WindowsSysWoW64odbcad32.exe
– 32 bit Windows: C:\WindowsSystem32odbcad32.exe
On the ODBC Data Source Administrator, please go to the “System” tab to create the DSN and refresh this page to see the changes.
Once the DSN is created, please go to Microstrategy Analytics Desktop and follow the steps outlined below:
– Click Import > Data
– Database
– New connection:
– under DSN Connections, choose the DSN created earlier:
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