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There will be cases where in the end user might want to perform Export of specific reports on a single click inside a document. Though we have icons like quick switch inside document to export individual sections – this approach would also be helpful at times (if needed)

How to Create a Link to Export the Current Document using the MicroStrategy Web 9.2.1

Using MicroStrategy Web 9.2.1, it is possible to create a link on a document which will export the current document to a desired format. This is useful for users  who need the ability to export their document when toolbars have been removed through customizations.
  1. Add an HTML container object to the document. The HTML container can be formatted with no fill or border to appear as a text link
  2. Click on the HTML container object and enter the following syntax:
    <a href=”mstrWeb?=&evt=3069&src=mstrWeb.3069&executionMode=3&MessageID={&DOCUMENTMESSAGEID}” target=”_blank” onclick=”return submitLink(this, event);”>Click to Export!</a>
The executionMode parameter determines the formatting of the export. Setting this parameter to 3 will export the document to PDF while 4 will export the document to excel.
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