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As we know starting from MicroStrategy 10 – the flash is retired and it is all going to be with HTML5 as the primary technology that is going to drive the dashboards going forward..

With latest release of MicroStrategy 10.1, they have announced that Flash & Interactive Modes to be deprecated starting from 10.1 & it will all be EXPRESS MODE going forward which is called as “PRESENTATION MODE”.

  • Existing Dashboards will have the options shown as “Flash Deprecated” 
  • New Dashboards will allow only “Presentation Mode” as run-time mode
Please find below of detailed descriptions about this change of properties starting MicroStrategy 10.1 release. 

With the release of MicroStrategy 10.1, the simplification process of available report services document view modes has been initiated. Interactive and Flash view modes are being deprecated, making Express view mode the only available view mode for upcoming MicroStrategy releases.
With this change, the existing Express mode has been upgraded to Presentation mode. Users are encouraged to use Presentation mode as the runtime mode for existing and new documents, because it utilizes HTML5 technology, has enhanced performance and a cleaner visual look compared to deprecated Interactive and Flash modes.
  • Newly created documents using MicroStrategy Web 10.1 only allow Presentation mode as runtime mode
  • For any existing document that is configured with Interactive or Flash mode as default execution mode, Interactive or Flash moderemain the default run modeIn the document properties, the “Run as default” value will be renamed to “Interactive (deprecated)” or “Flash (deprecated) respectively.

    Deprecated view mode

    Important note: Due to a known issue with MicroStrategy Web 10.1, documents set to Interactive mode as default view mode do not show “Interactive (Deprecated)” but “Flash (deprecated)” instead. This issue is currently under review and a fix is being reviewed for MicroStrategy Web 10.1 Hotfix 1.

  • If users expand this dropdown box and pick any other options than “Interactive (deprecated)” or “Flash (deprecated)” and apply this change, none of the deprecated view modes will be available if this document is saved and reopened.

    Deprecated view modes are no longer available

  • Using MicroStrategy Developer, the deprecated Interactive or Flash mode can be enabled as default view mode for existing and new documents. For future releases, the development of features and enhancements will be focused on Presentation mode and support for deprecated view modes will be limited. Therefore it is recommended creating documents for Presentation mode.
Hope it helps everyone and Enjoy Reading!

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