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Hi All,

Its long back to post some of the technical updates on my blog. I ‘ll be back again posting my learnings over this blog in the coming days and thought i can start with below tech note which i faces recently today on one of the project for an banking client. It was with respect to Freeform SQL where view filter was applied initially and it got changed different while it’s viewed by different user or an user editing the FFSQL report in Desktop to view the filter inside them.

(ie) Filter was applied as “YEAR ID EXACTLY 2013″ is changed as ” YEAR Field EXACTLY 2013″

Due to that, the reports/documents were not working as expected.

As this is an known issue, we need to follow the workarounds mentioned in the tech note below to resolve. It’s good to know and we might need to live with workarounds till the product got matured 🙂 which is indefinite 😉

When editing a freeform SQL report, the view filter “Field” appears differently for the administrator versus other users in MicroStrategy 9.x

In MicroStrategy 9.x, when the Administrator views a freeform SQL report in design view, the view filter definition appears correctly.
However, when logging in as a different user and editing the report, the “ID” field in the filter is cleared out and defaulted to “Field”.  The user will not be able to run the report unless the “Field” is changed back to “ID”.
This is a known issue in MicroStrategy 9.x.
Contact MicroStrategy Technical Support for an update on this issue.
One workaround is to manually fill in the field prior to report execution.  Alternatively, run the report without going into edit mode and alter the filter within grid view.
Have a Good Day!
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