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When using custom banding in reports, sometimes is necessary to not apply it over the Metric Columns. This feature is not able in the MicroStrategy 9.x
Currently in MicroStrategy 9.x, Custom Banding is always applied on both Attributes and Metrics, as follow:  
Follow the steps below to apply Custom Banding only on Attributes by using thresholds for specifing a unique color to all metric values:
1 – Click on the Threshold icon.
2 – Select the desired Metric.  
3 – Select Is Not Null as operator.
4 – Click on the cell to enable the Format Cells editor.
5 – Go to Background tab, set the Background style as Solid and choose one color.
6 – Repeat the steps 2 to 5 in order to create one more Threshold qualification selecting the operator Is Null.
7 – Change the operator AND to OR according to image below.
8 – It will apply the same color to all metric values:

TN40376: How to apply Custom Banding only on Attributes in MicroStrategy 9.x

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