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When multiple security filters need to be applied to multiple users, this task becomes complicated if they are linked manually using the MicroStrategy Desktop 8.1.x and 9.0.x Interface. MicroStrategy Administrator – Command Manager 8.1.x and 9.0.x has routines and scripts to help with this task, but sometimes it is also a complicated task when hundreds or maybe thousands users and security filters are involved. With the help of 3rd party software tools (Microsoft Excel and Notepad), this task can be accomplished much more easily.
Follow the steps below to assign multiple security filters to multiple users in MicroStrategy Administrator – Command Manager 8.1.x and 9.0.x:
  1. Open MicroStrategy Administrator – Command Manager 8.1.x and 9.0.x. On the menu bar, go to Connection -> Results -> To Grid, as shown below:
  2. Insert the following outline:
  3. This outline lists all the users in the Everyone group. Run the script (his may take several minutes), as shown below:
  4. Select all the users and copy and paste them into a Notepad document. Save that document as users.txt, as shown below:
  5. Open the document users.txt in Microsoft Excel and select the following options as they appear in the Text Import Wizard:
  6. Review that there is NO SPACE after the last letter of the names in Column A, as shown below. If there is a space, go back to step 3 above.
  7. Delete the remaining columns (B for this example), as shown below:
  8. Cut column A and paste it in column D.
  9. Add the following cells to row 1 to column A, B, C & E:
    A B C E
  10. Drag columns A, B, C, & E until they reach the bottom row with the last user in column D by selecting the little black dot in the bottom right-corner, as shown below:
    Replace column B manually with the respective security filter for each user, as shown below:
  11. On cell F1, insert the following formula:
  12. The following string must be in cell F1, for example:
      APPLY SECURITY FILTER “1007” FOLDER “MD Security Filters” TO USER “user1” ON PROJECT “Project A”;
    Drag column F until it reaches the bottom row with the last user in column D by selecting the little black dot in the bottom right-corner. Column F should appear as follows:
  13. Select column F and copy and paste it in MicroStrategy Administrator – Command Manager. Execute the command. The security filter will start to apply to each user, as shown below:

TN14285: How to create a script to assign multiple security filters to multiple users using MicroStrategy Administrator – Command Manager 8.1.x and 9.0.x

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