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The following instructions are for creating a subscription through MicroStrategy Desktop which can refresh an Intelligent Cube on a time or event based schedule.
  1. In MicroStrategy Desktop, locate the Intelligent Cube that needs to be refreshed.

  2. Right-click the Intelligent Cube, select “Schedule Delivery To” and choose “Refresh Cube”.

  3. The “Refresh Cube Subscription Editor” allows for a “Name”, “Schedule”, and “Delivery Notification” to be set.
  4. When the subscription has been configured, click “OK” to create the refresh cube subscription.
  5. The subscription should now appear in the Subscription Manager, located in MicroStrategy Desktop under Administration > Configuration Managers > Subscriptions.

For more information creating a time based schedule, refer to the following MicroStrategy KnowledgeBase technical note:
TN19593 – How to create a time based schedule in the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 8.x
Note: This type of subscription can currently only be created through MicroStrategy Desktop.

TN44785: How to refresh an Intelligent Cube on a schedule using a subscription in MicroStrategy 9.x?

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