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Came across an interesting tech note for the day – which would be useful for certain users 🙂 –>(ie) to close the information window on mobile using some text box with hyperlinks.

Please find below the information of doing the same.

How to create a hyperlink on a textbox to close an information window in MicroStrategy Mobile 9.3.1

Starting MicroStrategy Mobile 9.3.1, the Close button on the information window was removed by default. In order for users to close information windows, users must tap anywhere outside the window, like explained in tech note TN43439. However, some users may be unfamiliar with the new procedure of tapping anywhere, or find this method unintuitive.
To address this, users may choose to create a hyperlink on a textbox that, when tapped, will close the information window. Follow the steps below in order to achieve this:
  1. Create a textbox on an information window, like shown below:
  2. Right-click on the textbox > Properties and Formatting > General.
  3. Enable the “Is hyperlink” option.
  4.  In the hyperlink field, type “#”, and make sure “Open in new window” is disabled, like shown below:
Now, in MicroStrategy Mobile 9.3.1, when users tap on this link, the information window will close.
Have a happy reading!
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