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Today we can discuss about the filtering concepts from interview standpoint:

  • Report Filter
  • Report Limit
  • View Filter
  • Metric Filter
  • Prompt Filtering

Report Filter

  • Applies in “WHERE” clause of the Report SQL
  • You can either use “Filter” object – which can be re-used on any reports or create them locally within the report (on the fly)
  • SQL Engine

Report Limit

It defines a set of criteria used to limit the data returned in the report data set after the report metrics are calculated.

It is local to the report only. (Available under Data >> “Report Data Options” )

It applies in “HAVING” clause of the Report SQL

View Filter

  • Local to the report
  • Analytical Engine calculation
  • Doesn’t apply to SQL
  • OLAP in nature

Will discuss about Prompt & Metric Filter on next week.

Enjoy learning! Stay Safe & Healthy!!

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