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Today thought of sharing about the engines present within MicroStrategy

  • SQL Engine
  • Query Engine
  • Analytical Engine

Diagrammatic Representation

SQL Engine

SQL Engine manages the analytical engine and query engine. You might consider it to be the “brain” behind the entire MicroStrategy engine operation.

SQL is generated based on the information that gets stored in MicroStrategy Metadata (in the form relational database)

SQL engine also looks at VLDB Properties stored in the metadata before generating SQL. (VLDB stands for Very Large Data Base)

VLDB Settings enable you to control how the SQL Engine composes certain types of SQL queries.

Query Engine

It basically gets the SQL from SQL Engine & sends it back to your DWH for fetching the data.

It also communicates with Analytical engine before populating the results on your grid.

Analytical Engine

  Analytical engine is responsible for advanced analytical processing, cross tabbing reports and multidimensional storage. Depending on the complexity of the report – the analytical engine is invoked in all the stages of report execution process ( will discuss about report execution process in detail in coming posts )

Hope it helps!! Good luck for your interview!

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