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I’m not a fan of JavaScript – but interested to make use of it wherever applicable if MSTR doesn’t provide directly to implement certain use cases..

 has posted an excellent article about using JavaScript inside MicroStrategy

  1. JavaScript to enhance User Experience
  2. Project Status Usage
  3. Adding Dashboards as shortcuts in Welcome Page
  4. ETL Status as POP Up – one of the cool feature i felt to be re-used 
  5. Document Tool bar Hide 
Issues Reference Links:
Component to use
  • You can use JQuery on MSTR pages (or)
  • You can use them on Document/Dashboards by using HTML containers component
Use Cases
  • As mentioned above, ETL Status display in MSTR portal
  • Hide Document Toolbar 
  • Hide some section inside MSTR Page or within RSD
  • Display some pop up info through JScript
  • Pass selector values from one dashboard to another with JScript & URL API
  • Set Slider Min/Max values through JScript – Text Labels
  • Etc.. 
Hope it helps for beginners to get some idea in using the JQuery or JScript inside MicroStrategy!
Happy Reading!!
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