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MicroStrategy 9—Industrial-Strength Business Intelligence—is built using and is designed to use many industry standards and technologies, including:

          – ANSI SQL 89 and 92
          – COM
          – ODBC
          – XML and XSL
          – HTML and DHTML
          – CSS
          – OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO)
          – MDX
          – Java, C++, and Visual Basic
          – .NET
          – Web Services

For a Web application to satisfy its many users, the business intelligence platform must meet several requirements:
      – Support for hundreds or even thousands of users over the Internet
      – Fast performance for reports
      – Rich functionality for running, formatting, and manipulating sophisticated reports
      – Compatibility with almost any browser
      – Rapid deployment over the Internet
      – Easy integration with existing corporate websites

Lot more latest trends & technologies are incorporated in MicroStrategy –> the growth is good

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