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MicroStrategy recently announced this in their blog that they certify 9.3.1 BI platform to run on the IBM InfoSphere BigInsights platform.( IBM work with big data and try to make them simpler as a framework to end users )

About IBM InfoSphere BigInsights

The below informations are provided by MicroStrategy blog and providing here for the other folks to know about it & work with it if you get chances …

Since our early days, MicroStrategy has worked closely with IBM database engineers, security experts, data scientists and sales and marketing executives to foster a culture of cooperation and innovation. With a list of shared marquee customers a terabyte long, we’ve also shared a deep knowledge base forged from real-world analytical problem solving. As the saying goes, there’s no substitute for experience, especially when it comes from two decades of collaboration.
Today, our partnership is stronger than ever. With the expected dramatic rise in corporate data set analysis, combined with the growing trend to leverage business intelligence (BI) throughout an organization, we stand at the crossroads of Big Data and BI. And nowhere is this nexus more evident than in IBM’s newest release of InfoSphere® BigInsights™.
IBM InfoSphere BigInsights v2.1 brings the power of Apache Hadoop, the open source software framework, to the enterprise. BigInsights adds administrative, discovery, development, provisioning and security features, along with best-in-class analytical capabilities from IBM Research to Hadoop, making it the perfect environment for MicroStrategy 9.3.1, our fully-integrated, comprehensive BI suite.
With MicroStrategy 9.3.1 running on top of BigInsights, there’s no need to compromise between agility and governance. With seamless access to new features in BigInsights like Big SQL, which enables SQL access to data stored in BigInsights, our users can apply their existing skills in a new, big data world. The release empowers business users with the best of both worlds — beautiful, interactive visual analytics, and data companies can trust.
That’s why MicroStrategy is delighted to certify our 9.3.1 BI platform to run on the IBM InfoSphere BigInsights platform. And equally as important, we’ll continue to cooperate on integration and optimization issues to ensure optimum performance and future compatibility. Together, we’ve pushed the boundaries of big data analytics and we look forward to continued collaboration as we optimize for speed and ease-of-integration.


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