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I would like to state a point that,  MicroStrategy provides you the free online training.

This would cover all sort of technical topics,

   – Advanced Reporting
   – Documents Essentials
   – Dynamic Dashboards
   – MicroStrategy BI Essentials
   – Reporting Essentials
   – MicroStrategy Distribution Services
   – MicroStrategy Mobile
   – Reporting Essentials
   – Project Design
   – New series discussions ( each version new features )
   – Companion series ( certification details )

Reference Link to connect for training

For online training you would need the basic below requirements,

  • Windows 2000 SP2 or Windows XP
  • Internet Explorer 6.0, SP1 (or higher)
  • Pop-up blockers need to be disabled.
  • ActiveX controls need to be allowed.
  • Screen resolution 1024×768 16-bit color (or higher)
  • 56K Internet connection (or higher)
  • Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or higher (free download from Adobe)
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