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MicroStrategy System Manager lets you combine multiple, sequential processes for your MicroStrategy environment into a single workflow that can be deployed at a scheduled time or on demand. You can create workflows for different tasks, such as installing, maintaining, and upgrading MicroStrategy environments; backing up projects; and launching or shutting down Cloud instances. These workflows can be deployed using a standard interface, an interactive command line process, or a completely silent configuration process.

You use System Manager to create a workflow visually, by dragging and dropping processes and linking them together. This allows you to see the step-by-step process that leads the workflow from one process to the next. This visual approach to creating a workflow can help you to notice opportunities to troubleshoot and error check processes as part of a workflow.

This will be very much useful to automate all the admin related tasks & reduces the manual efforts. This comes from 9.3 version MicroStrategy release.

Sample workflow is shown above that how to check whether IServer is running or not.
Hope in the coming sessions will give you the ways of creating a workflow using System Manager.
Have a Good Day!!

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