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Recently i noticed after MSTR 10 upgrade, while creating the document/dashboards for Mobile/iPad devices – the default templates were not shown in the pop up.

Problem Statement:

Mobile/iPad templates not visible upon right click of NEW Document in Developer or Web

Steps to Resolve

  1. Log into MicroStrategy Developer using the Administrator or admin privileged account.
  2. Navigate to “Object Templates -> Documents”.
  3. Right-click on “iPad Landscape” or any mobile templates that is hidden and choose Properties.
  4. Uncheck the Hidden option. 

Note: Ensure the HIDDEN Objects option is enabled for the user you login –> Steps for it is given below
  • Check the “Display hidden objects” option at “Tools -> Preferences -> Developer -> Browsing” to display the hidden objects.

By this way, we can resolve the mobile template that is not shown when building the document for mobile devices or iPad devices from scratch in MSTR 10.x machines…

Happy Reading!
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