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Update packages must be created from within Object Manager.
To create a project update package:
  1. In Object Manager, log in to a project source, and then into a project.
  2. From the Tools menu, select Create Package. The Create Package dialog box opens.

  3. From the Create Package dialog box, select the objects to copy from the source project, and the rules that govern the cases when these objects already exist in the destination project.
  4. To add objects to the package:
    • Drag and drop objects from the Object Browser into the Create Package dialog box. Alternatively, click Add and the Add Objects window opens. Select the desired objects and click >. Then click OK.
    • To add the dependents of all objects to the package, click Add all dependents. All dependent objects of all objects currently listed in the package are added to the package.
  5. To configure the rules for the package :
    • To change the conflict resolution action for an object, double-click the Action column for the object and select the new action from the drop-down list. When sending Object Manager packages to MicroStrategy Technical Support, make sure to select ‘Replace’ option in the drop-down menu.
    • Select the schema update options for this package.
    • Select the ACL options for objects in this package.
  6. Save the package:
    • Enter the name and location of the package file in the Save As field. The default file extension for update packages is .mmp.
    • Click Proceed and the package is created in the specified location.
Users may check the DSSerror logs for information pertaining to the creation of the package.
The package can then be transferred to another environment, or can be sent to MicroStrategy Technical Support for in-house troubleshooting with an existing metadata.
For instructions on how to import a package, please see the following Technical Note:
TN31820 – How to import an Object Manager package in MicroStrategy 9.x.

TN31821: How to create an Object Manager Package for transfer of objects between metadatas in MicroStrategy 9.x.

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