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Recently, i noticed decimal places on the compound metric was returning as 0

i.e.) When you have Metric 1 & Metric 2 – if we use them as compound metric – then the decimal values were showing as 0

  • Metric 1 : 20
  • Metric 2 : 12
  • Formula of Metric 3 = Metric 1 / Metric 2 = 20/12 = 1.67 = 2.00 (Report Display)

If the above Metric 3 is created as derived metric within the Report – then it will show report value as = 1.67

As MicroStrategy is single version of truth & maintained well within the metadata of single project – it is better to fix them within Compound Metric itself rather to have derived metrics created within each report.

  • Compound Metric : Can be re-used as it is an physical object & it is built with one or more simple metrics using arithmetic operators. Hence, using this will be permanent fix (Follow below approach with multiplying it with 1.0 to fix)
  • Derived Metric : cannot be re-used & it is local to specific report only. So using this will be temporary fix



If the above logic is used with multiplying numerator with 1.0 will give you right decimal places on your report

Report with right decimal places

Hope it helps for people who run into this issue in future!!


Thanks to MicroStrategy for maintaining this in the form of Knowledge Base Article!

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