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There may be cases where we do have scenarios of subscribing the reports to trigger based on an event or time based schedules. So during that point of time, if the values are coming from element cache for prompt inputs or so – then we would need to purge the element caches using either “Schedule Administration Tasks” or go for Command Manager to execute the commands to purge the cache before triggering an event (say for ex).

Hope the below tech note would help everybody when there are such scenarios to overcome.

How to use scheduling to purge element caches in the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 8.x

The following steps explain how to schedule the purging of element caches:
  1. Create a schedule if a schedule is not available for use. For more information on creating a schedule, refer to the following technical note:
    • TN19593 (TN5303-8X-2889) How to create a time based schedule in the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 8.x
  2. Go to the menu item Administration > Scheduling > Schedule Administration Tasks, as shown below:
  3. In the Schedule Administration Tasks window, select a project for which the element caches will be purged, as illustrated below:
  4. In the ‘Choose one of the following actions’ field, choose “Purge Element Cache”.
  5. Click on the check box for the schedule created in the Step #1.
  6. Click ‘OK’.
Verify that DssElementCachePurge has been added to the Schedule Monitor, as indicated in the screen shot below:
Note that this will only purge element caches in the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server. In order to purge element caches stored in MicroStrategy Desktop memory, users must restart MicroStrategy Desktop or go to My Preferences > Advanced > Purge Client caches.
In clustered environments, administrator should be aware that if the element cache purging task is scheduled using a time-based schedule, the element caches will be purged on the primary node of the cluster only. To purge the element caches on all cluster nodes, it is recommended to create a Command Manager script to purge element caching.
For automated execution, prepare a Windows batch file to execute Command Manager with the element cache purge script.
General form:
    cmdmgr -n Project_Source_Name -u Username [-p Password] -f Inputfile [-o Outputfile]
    cmdmgr -n “Project_Source_Name” -u Administrator -f C:PurgeElementCache.scp -o C:CommandManagerOutput.txt
This batch file may be scheduled using the Windows Scheduler.
The Command Manager script, Windows batch file and Windows schedule should be set up on each node of the cluster.
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