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What are the basic requirements needed while importing a file in MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop 1.1.

Depending on the type of file used to be imported , the following requirements must be met :
1] For any type of supported file:
  • Leave cells of data empty to represent NULL values rather than using the text NULL
  • Determine whether the data for a column is numeric or textual. If a column contains any non-numeric value in its values , use a text data type . If all values are numeric , a numeric data type can be used.
2] For text and CSV files:
  • Use comma’s to separate values . No other characters , such as tabs or semicolons , should be used to separate values in the file.
  • The file must use either UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoding.
3] For CSV and Excel files :
  • Multiple worksheets can be included in the file , but only one worksheet can be uploaded at a time.
  • The first worksheet for the file cannot be empty.
  • Avoid leaving more than 20 empty rows between column headers and data on the worksheet, so accurate preview of data can be seen. 

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