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This is something that most of people are expecting the solution to perform the same.

This could be achieved by/through different ways:

        1) Disconnect the DB connection inside MicroStrategy Desktop ~ Administration
        2) Kill the task manager running process
        3) Disconnect the DB connection at the DB Layer (Which is not in scope of this discussion, as it varies from DB to DB)
        4) I happened to get the same request for XML based MDX reports from MicroStrategy ~ which is not available and the only way for that is to delete the connections from DB Layer and not at MicroStrategy layer. Because MicroStrategy doesn’t supports that since they are working as design as per XML standards (Will post the tech note for the same in the coming post regarding it)
       5) Also need to enable the setting at DB instance level to disconnect db connections if idle

Tools/Components Required for the same:

      1) MicroStrategy Desktop (with Administrator rights to disconnect the DB connections) {OR}
      2) MicroStrategy Command Manager to trigger the disconnect command (With command manager and disconnect privilege for the user to execute)

 (Syntax 🙂 DELETE DBCONNECTION “<dbConnection_name>”;
      3) Place the required logic in the script (windows/unix depending on the installation) and execute the script to perform actions

Tech Note for the same as reference:

How to resolve hung database connections in MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 8.x

In certain instances, such as a database failure, existing database connections and jobs running at the time of the failure will hang. There are several ways to remove these hung connections.
Disconnect Connections using Database Connection Monitor
  1. Expand Project Source.
  2. Expand Administration.
  3. Select the Database Connection Monitor.
  4. Right click the connection that is hanging and select Disconnect, as shown below:
  5. Repeat for any other hanging connections.
Check the host file for Hard Coded IP Addresses
  1. Check the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server host file to see if it was using hard coded IP addresses to connect to the failed database. Incorrect IP addresses will cause all new connections to fail.
  2. Edit the host file with new IP addresses.
End the M8MulPRC_32.exe Process in Windows Task Manager
Refer to the following MicroStrategy Knowledge Base document for a detailed description of this process:
  • TN5300-75x-0556 – What is the function of the M8MulPrc_32.exe processes that are spawned on a system running MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 7.5.x and 8.x?
  1. Open Windows Task Manager.
  2. Select the Processes tab and find M8MulPRC_32.exe.
  3. Right click and select End Process, as shown below:
Restart MicroStrategy Intelligence Server
If all other methods are unsuccessful, restart MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 7.5.x or 8.x. This will remove the hung connections.

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