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This is about the latest Platform Denodo –> The New Data Integration tool

The Denodo Platform is a global solution for the real-time integration of heterogeneous and dispersed, structured and non-structured data sources. See About Denodo Platform overview

Post-Certification of Denodo 5.0 with MicroStrategy 9.3.1

Denodo 5.0 is certified with MicroStrategy 9.3.1. This certification status currently applies to MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 9.3.1 running on Windows operating system – it does not apply to MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 9.3.1 running on Linux, AIX, HP-UX or Sun Solaris operating systems.  Also, this certification status currently applies to Warehouse configurations only – it does not apply to Metadata, Statistics or MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server.
This is a post-certification since the testing was performed after the release of MicroStrategy 9.3.1. Therefore, the certification information (tabulated below) is not present in the MicroStrategy 9.3.1 General Information Readme file.
The following is the certification information on Windows for MicroStrategy 9.3.1:
 Recommended Windows ODBC Driver 
 Denodo 5.0
  32-bit postgresql ODBC Driver version 9.1 (Unicode)
In order to use Denodo 5.0 as a warehouse with MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 9.3.1, users must use the ‘Denodo 5.0’ object in the ‘Database Connection Type’ window (located at Configuration Managers > Database Instance Manager > Database Instance) in MicroStrategy Desktop 9.3.1.
Please make note that : It is currently certified for WH configurations & only on Windows OS. Hope we expect them to be accessible for MD / Stats / History List as well in the coming releases with other OS too…
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