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About Connection Cloud

The Connection Cloud solves the problem of SaaS data access. It’s the first SQL-based, real-time data connection service to SaaS data. Enterprise users and application developers can now access SaaS data as if it was in their own data center

Small information about using connection cloud in MicroStrategy

Connection Cloud is supported as a warehouse with MicroStrategy 9.3.1. This support status applies to MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 9.3.1 running on Windows operating system – it does not apply to MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 9.3.1 running on Linux, AIX, Solaris or HP-UX.
This is a post-support status since the testing was performed after the release of MicroStrategy 9.3.1. Therefore, this support information (tabulated below) is not present in the General Information Readme files in MicroStrategy 9.3.1.
The following is the support information for Intelligence Server on Windows for MicroStrategy 9.3.1:
Recommended Windows ODBC Driver
Connection Cloud
 Simba BigQuery ODBC Driver 1.0.x
In order to use Connection Cloud as a warehouse with MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 9.3.1, users must use the ‘Google BigQuery’ object in the ‘Database Connection Type’ window (located at Configuration Managers > Database Instance Manager > Database Instance) in MicroStrategy Desktop 9.3.1.
In order to access Connection Cloud as an Object in ‘Database Connection Type’ window, contact MicroStrategy Technical Support in order to receive a file.
Connection Cloud is currently only supported for Freeform SQL, Query Builder, and Data Import operations.
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