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Before deploying, I would suggest to go through the best practices guide lines that MicroStrategy provides for SDK customisation.. I would like to say here that you can do any kind of customisation inside the MicroStrategy ( if you have basic knowledge on java or .net & with the help of eclipse – it’s easy to perform the changes )… Today lets discuss about the general info on the iOS app deployment details in short…

What is the recommended method for MicroStrategy Mobile iOS Application deployment?

MicroStrategy provides organizations with a range of methods for deploying Mobile iOS Apps to users, whether they are internal ‘enterprise users’ or external ‘consumers’. MicroStrategy covers all deployment needs, from deploying Apps to the enterprise users over – the – air (OTA), via a web server, to deploying them to public consumers via the Apple App Store. For example:
Use MicroStrategy Mobile App from the Apple App Store.
Each user can get MicroStrategy Mobile from the App Store. The Mobile Administrator uses MicroStrategy Mobile Server to generate a ‘Configuration Link’ which points to MicroStrategy Projects and sends this Configuration link to Mobile users.
Re-compile the MicroStrategy Mobile App and distribute it to your users.
Recompile the Microstrategy Mobile App code using an Apple Enterprise License and MicroStrategy’s Mobile SDK (available at Distribute this compiled App to the Apple App Store for commercial and public access.
Recommended: Distribute this compiled App to enterprise users via Enterprise Deployment.
This approach is recommended as this allows companies to do a QA/Development cycle and ensure the app satisfies all their needs before it is installed in the end users devices.

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