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Nowadays people are expecting an alert or reminder notification in this current fast moving world and this feature is provided by MicroStrategy both in mobile & web… Today I’m going to discuss about the push notification in mobile devices ( iPhone or iPad )

Alert push notification has been introduced in MicroStrategy Mobile App 9.0.2 Patch 8 and later. The following steps illustrates how to create mobile subscription with Alert Push Notification.
NOTE: Before creating mobile subscription with Alert Push Notification, make sure Push Notification has been enabled according to TN: 35792

NOTE: MicroStrategy application does not need to be runniing to receive this alert.
First, execute a report with at least one attribute and one metric,
right click on the metric to display the right mouse click menu
Select Alerts -> Mobile Notification

Second: Alerts Editor displays,
Select Device type as iPad
Enter alert message that will be pushed along with the notification
Check Run Subscription immediately
Click OK.
After this Alert Mobile Subscription is triggered, user will see a notification on their iPad (as shown below)

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