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In the MicroStrategy Desktop Interface, there are 3 main areas;

                      – The Folder List
                      – The Object Viewer
                      – Th Shortcut Bar

Folder List:

        By default, the folder list is the Middle pane in the MicroStrategy Desktop Interface. It shows all of the Project sources, projects, public objects, schema objects folders, as well as the administrative functions for the business intelligence system.

The folder list may not automatically display when you initially log in to MicroStrategy Desktop.

To show folder list; On the VIEW menu –> select FOLDER LIST.

Object Viewer:

      The right pane of the MicroStrategy Desktop interface is called the Object viewer. Its like Microsoft Windows Explorer, you navigate through the folder structure in the folder lists ( Like Schema Objects –> Attributes, Schema Objects –> Facts, Schema Objects –> Tables .. etc ), and the objects contained in that folders are displayed in the object viewer.

Shortcut Bar:

     The area to the left of the Folder List is called Shortcut Bar ( highlighted in the above image ). It displays shortcuts to various desktop functionality and folders. Again like Microsoft Windows explorer, you can add shortcuts to any location that appear in your folder list. ( TIP: Don’t get confused with “Add to shortcuts Bar” & “Create Shortcut” — Both differs, 1st one will be done in Folder List only and which in turn gets added to Shortcuts Bar available in left side. Where as the 2nd option is available/can be applied in the Object Viewer place & not @ Folder List ). The individual shortcuts discussed above as a Tip can also be organized into user-defined shortcut groups, which is especially useful for large MicroStrategy implementations.

To show Shortcuts Bar; On the VIEW menu –> Select SHORTCUTS BAR

To Remove Shortcuts from the Shortcut bar, just right click the shortcut and select “Remove from shortcut bar”.

To create a new shortcut group; right click the empty area in the shortcuts bar and “Add Group” –> Give the needy names. Also by default, you’ll have 2 groups — Other Shortcuts / Tutorial Shortcuts.

MicroStrategy Desktop Menu Bar:

      MicroStrategy Desktop has different menu bars like File, Edit, View, Go, Tools, Administration, Schema , Window & Help. Each has different functionality. Which will be easy for you to know about it on seeing it. Will explain in coming sessions if there are any key menus in it means. ( Like Schema –> Ware house Catalog / Update Schema / Etc )

    The menus and options available to you depend on the security privileges.

MicroStrategy Desktop Toolbars:

        MicroStrategy provides different sets of toolbars which help the end users/developers to work with those shortcut toolbars (very often). But i try to use Keyboard shortcut keys 🙂 Just to know about it will use that and will be tricky too to work like that 😉

       Few toolbars are like Cut, Copy, Paste, Update Schema , Refresh, New Object ( Which varies based on the folder location we move ), Delete Object, Rename, Search Object, Edit the selected object, Run the selected report … etc..

Hope this is enough for the day i believe :):)

Hope it helps the readers to know about what MicroStrategy Desktop Interface is & what it contains in it etc..

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