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The document cache creation process can be automated by using Update Cache subscriptions. An Update Cache subscription is not specific to mobile devices and can be used to create caches that are consumed by either MicroStrategy Web or mobile devices.
What are the pre-requisites for using Document Caches generated by Update Cache subscriptions from a mobile device in MicroStrategy 9.x?
To create an Update Cache subscription that can be consumed by a mobile device, select “Tablet” or “Phone” as the delivery format in the Subscription Wizard. The only way for a mobile device to consume a Document Cache created with an Update Cache subscription is by enabling precaching from the Mobile Configuration. When precaching is triggered, the application looks for caches created through subscriptions before running the document in the Intelligence Server. If there are valid caches created from a subscription, the application downloads those into the mobile device; if there are no valid caches, the application runs the document in the Intelligence Server.
To enable precaching, go to the Home Screen tab of the mobile configuration and select “Display the contents of a folder” or “Display a custom Home Screen”. Both of these options have a “Precache contents at startup” setting that you must enable:

TN221182: What are the pre-requisites for using Document Caches generated by Update Cache Subscriptions from a mobile device in MicroStrategy 9.x?

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