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Some users may find that the PDF file generated when a MicroStrategy 10.x Visual Insight dashboard is exported to PDF cannot be savedusing the Chrome Save toolbar.
This is a known issue in certain versions of Chrome, including but not limited to Chrome v43.x. Check this Google discussion forum for more information:!topic/chrome/qbUzW554NUQ
Upgrade to the latest version of Chrome, or contact Google for an update on this issue. 
  1. Use other browsers like IE or Firefox
  2. Use Print option in Chrome and choose the target as PDF. In this way, it will be saved as PDF via local Adobe Reader.
  3. Disable the Chrome built-in PDF viewer by typing ‘about:plugins’ into the address bar, locating ‘Chrome PDF Viewer’ and clicking ‘Disable’.

TN248945: The PDF file exported from Visual Insight cannot be saved in Chrome for MicroStrategy Web 10.x

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