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Starting from MicroStrategy Mobile 10.1 for iOS, current location in Map Widget could be turned on or off at document level in Widget properties>Map elements visibility options as shown below:
If Current Location (Mobile Only) is checked, current location arrow icon displays in map widget in mobile device as below:
If Current Location (Mobile Only) is uncheckedcurrent location arrow icon cannot display in map widget in mobile device as below:
1. Location Services is off for MicroStrategy Mobile app by default. Follow TN43454 and TN44056 to turn on Location Services. 
2. Current location arrow cannot show up in map widget in MicroStrategy Mobile 10.1 which connects to MicroStrategy Mobile Server/ Intelligence Server 10 or lower. Upgrade MicroStrategy Mobile Server/ Intelligence Server to 10.1 to take advantage of this new feature.

TN259537: New feature for Current Location in Map Widget in MicroStrategy Mobile 10.1 for iOS

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