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In MicroStrategy Mobile client 10 and lower, ESRI map could be only supported in Visual Insight (VI) dashboard. Starting from MicroStrategy Mobile client 10.1 for iOS, ESRI map is supported in MicroStrategy Report Services Document (RSD), too. But basically, MicroStrategy Mobile use Apple Map as the base map for both the Google and ESRI Map defined on Web. So the new feature does not mean MicroStrategy Mobile client can directly display ESRI Map on iOS now, but only use Apple Map on mobile to display the ESRI Map defined on Web instead of showing it as Grid in 10 and lower. The following table shows the details:
Map defined on Web Web base map Mobile base map for iOS
Google Map in VI Google Map Apple Map
Google Map in RSD Google Map Apple Map
ESRI Map in VI ESRI Map Apple Map
ESRI Map in RSD ESRI Map Apple Map in 10.1 (showing Grid in 10 and lower)
The following steps demonstrate how to configure ESRI area map in RSD for Mobile client 10.1 for iOS:
Prerequisite: Follow TN45064 and ensure ESRI area map is working in MicroStrategy Web 10.1.
1. In MicroStrategy Tutorial project, create a new document and add grid with Store Country, Cost and Revenue in MicroStrategy Web 10.1 as shown below:
2. Go to Properties and Formatting of this grid. Select the second Map widget as shown below:
3. In Widget properties, check “Show Areas” and select Store Country in Attribute and “Countries of the world” in Shape file as below:
4. Run the document in Mobile app 10.1. Area is showing up as below:

TN260817: New feature for ESRI map support in MicroStrategy Mobile 10.1 for iOS

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